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The Digital Twin Claim Card, or DTCC, enables “no coiners” to claim a Digital Twin by scanning a DTCC using applications that allow for the redemption of AR-based Digital Twins to redeem them into a Decentralized Augmented Reality-based digital wallet, which we call DeAR for short. This innovative process allows users to claim digital twins of their real-world items, offering authenticity, proof of ownership, and origin details for physical products. For example, a hoodie’s digital twin can be claimed alongside the physical product, enhancing the item’s overall value.

DeStores current business cards a concept of the for the DTCC

What is DeAr?

DeStore is a beacon in blockchain-native platforms, empowering Decentralized Organizations, Vendors, and Enterprises to adeptly manage products and engage with customers in the evolving e-commerce landscape. Our flagship product, DeAR, champions a secure and seamless onboarding process for newcomers to the Web3 ecosystem through physical merchandise. These items serve as social tokens, gifts at events, and commodities sold via e-commerce channels, effectively ushering new users into the Web3 environment.

Why is this important?

The significance lies in the redemption of the Digital Twin. The Digital Twin Claim Card (DTCC) can be sold with the physical product or obtained separately in the secondary market. Importantly, a claimed DTCC retains long-term value for vendors as it can receive future redeemables such as tokens, NFTs, and other benefits such as Manuals, documents, music, video, 3D schematics, and more, enhancing its importance and bringing longevity to the project. Regarding onboarding, selling one product to a “no-coiner” will equal one new user in the ecosystem. Here is a demonstration of Sony’s TOF AR explanation to learn more about AR.

What are the friction points?

Friction points include terminology confusion around NFTs and limited perceived value due to current presentations as pictures with metadata to traditional space. Digital twins, with their broader value spectrum, address these concerns. Another bottleneck is giving up personal information such as identification and location with KYC. Our DeAR application completely bypasses KYC, as relieving users of tedious KYC requirements is crucial for the best onboarding experience. Another challenge is logistics, but through collaboration with e-Logit, a prominent logistics company in Japan, shipping efficiency is assured.

What are the costs?

The costs linked to DTCCs are budget-friendly, which benefits clients. The DeAR application facilitates the customization of DTCC features, allowing for the specification of blockchain and the incorporation of multi-resource NFTs, tokens, etc. This customization contributes to cost-effectiveness and ensures a seamless onboarding experience.


In conclusion, DeStore aims to offer a user-friendly solution for the seamless redemption of digital twins, making onboarding accessible to individuals without extensive cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge. This approach positions DeStore as vital in bringing the next billion people into blockchain in the coming years.