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We are thrilled to announce that Digi Diggers, a subsidiary of DeStore Network, will lead the charge in the world of Phygital assets as our pilot project for testing DeStore’s cutting-edge platform. The Digi Diggers, who will appear on the Discovery Channel’s “Outback Opal Hunters” series this year, are trailblazers in the opal industry and bring their expertise and passion for real-world assets to DeStore.

As the market shifts from traditional Web2 e-commerce to Web3, the Digi Diggers will play a crucial role in showcasing DeStore’s platform’s full potential to millions of viewers, bridging the gap between physical assets and the Metaverse.

With DeStore’s blockchain agnostic protocol and the Digi Diggers’ in-depth knowledge of the opal industry, we are confident that this partnership will revolutionize the world of decentralized commerce and bring Phygital assets to the forefront.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the pilot project, and join DeStore and the Digi Diggers to shape the future of decentralized commerce!

About DeStore Network

DeStore Network is a community-oriented multi-chain NFT minter that will lead decentralized commerce in the Polkadot Ecosystem.

DeStore is building a scalable cross-chain platform that allows users to mint, trade, and sell real-world digital assets on Web3 infrastructure. It specifically focuses on creating easy-to-use pathways that allow users to trade peer-to-peer in an immersive digital reality.

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About The Digi Diggers

The Digi Diggers are a team known for pioneering mining industry work. They are featured in popular TV series like “Outback Opal Hunters” on Discovery Channel as the first mine to run entirely on renewable energy. Their passion for technology and mining has driven them to find ways to make the industry more sustainable and efficient, and they have been successful in implementing innovative solutions to real-world problems. With their dedication and expertise, the Digi Diggers are at the forefront of shaping the mining industry’s future.

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