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DeStore and Markedot proudly announce a pioneering partnership to revolutionize commerce and product experiences. Collaboratively, our teams will unleash a new era of Web3 merchandise for brands within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Markedot brings merch to Polkadot

Did you know? Markedot has been working with the Polkadot ecosystem for a while now. They’re well-versed in the vibrant and supportive Polkadot community and armed with top-notch tech. Dive into their expertise from their past explorations of the ecosystem.

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Cool Swag for all seasons

With Markedot, you can take your hoodies to the next level! They are bringing back the vibe in Polkadot with cool NFT swag. This cool swag will make your friends go, “Where did you get that hoodie?” So don’t miss out on getting some cool new threads.

About Markedot

Markedot started as an innovative Polkadot project that revolutionized commerce by bringing merchandise directly to people through Shopify integration. Over time, it has evolved into a project that seeks to boost the Polkadot ecosystem through marketing strategies focused on attracting new users. Focused on harnessing the power of Polkadot, Markedot offers seamless integration between digital marketing and e-commerce, reshaping how merchandise is bought and sold in the digital age.