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What are the Party Rocks?

The Party Rock Collection is a limited edition release of phygital necklaces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Each necklace is handcrafted with a unique Australian opal that has been formed by the natural elements over millions of years. They can contain all the colors of the rainbow, combined with beautiful natural patterns, which make them stand out when worn.

They are suspended from a rugged leather string, giving them a rustic and stylish look.

Where do they come from?

Based in Yowah (Australian Outback), Josiah and Lisa extract the most unique and natural opals while also being mindful of their impact on the environment. They mine exclusively using renewable energy, and use a small jackhammer 10 meters underground to extract the precious stones.

They work alongside other locals in the opal industry and their story is being featured worldwide as the Digi Diggers on the popular television show “Outback Opal Hunters” on Discovery Channel.


DeStore is a community oriented multi-chain NFT minter which will lead the way in decentralized commerce in the Polkadot Ecosystem. The platform is positioned to be a dedicated Phygital Marketplace empowering DAOs, SMEs and Creators to start selling phygital assets on Web 3.0 native infrastructure.

Offering a unique solution for an emerging market, the DeStore team has built a protocol that is based on RMRK 1.0 minting standards, but optimized for real world assets with a digital twin. Creating a Digital Twin (DT) for real world items enables real world assets to be identified virtually, this is done via easy to use pathways that allow users to trade peer to peer in an immersive digital reality.

Being a portal and facilitator that allows legacy infrastructure to connect to the future, the initial focus will be equipping and educating our users to digitize real world assets and set up DAO dropshipping so assets can be sold and dispatched immediately.

Using DeStore, all store holders will have the opportunity to integrate their assets into multiple virtual realms, websites, and IRL self-serve shopping counters with a Web 3.0 native approach.

The first test

The Party Rock Collection is the first phygital test to prove DeStore’s concept of combining the physical and digital realms, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of your physical necklace, while also having a secure and easily accessible digital version.

This trial is to test phygital products, but also our self managed web3 store, a store that anyone can start up to sell any product with a Digital Twin (DT). Once the self managed store has been proven, DeStore will open up the gates to Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and creators to start selling products and gain Web3 exposure.

The physical items can be identified based on visual verification with its Digital Twin, however, in the near future DeStore will be using Laava’s Smart Fingerprints, using on chain verification.

This will all be done working alongside our current partners and collaborators:

Darwinia Network, Metaverse Network, SubQuery Network, Astar Network, ABC News, Meta Dojo, Objective 3D, AEM Algorithm, Future Fulfilment, Laava & Discovery Channel.

For more information about our collaborators and partners, please see the medium articles.

Benefits of owning a Party Rock

The physical Party Rock, accompanied by an NFT (its digital twin), allows you to prove ownership and be part of the future of phygital collectibles, a new dimension of value and uniqueness.

These digital twins are upgradable and will evolve to become metaverse wearables (right now we are in Open Beta Stage).

The purchase of a Party Rock also gives you access to the upcoming DeStore Discord Channel, first place where new releases of phygital collectables will be announced.

The Digi Diggers will be holding a private party in Outback Australia mid-2023, the ownership of a Party Rock will give you an exclusive invitation to this wild experience.

We are not only providing a Phygital Asset, but also a significant story that you can be part of.


The Digi Diggers are releasing a total of 1,000 necklaces, with this first batch of 100 available for purchase at a special price of 150 USD each. The price of these stunning necklaces will increase by 50 USD every batch of a 100, and they will be released as supplies are found. If no sales are made after a 3 month period, the rest of the collection will be burned.

At the moment we are currently only accepting payments using Kusama via Destore.Network. For those who prefer to make payment using fiat currency, they can contact the Digi Diggers via email to pay via Bank Transfer (

Be aware that DeStore is a live market and so direct buys with Kusama are recommended to secure your preferred item.

To see other available opals see their instagram page.


For any possible inquiries join the DeStore Telegram channel and the Digi Digger Telegram channel.

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