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DeStore partners with ACDC Labs to reinvigorate precious metal coin collecting for future generations

This collaboration brings together the innovative technology of DeStore’s Direct-to-Customer Sales (DTC) Network and the expertise of ACDC Labs in the precious metals industry. By combining our strengths, we aim to create new opportunities and bridge the gap between traditional collectibles and the emerging Web3 ecosystem.

DeStore’s phygital asset marketplace provides a dedicated platform for the trade and accessibility of physical assets within the digital realm. By featuring ACDC Labs’ bullion collections on the DeStore Hybrid Marketplace, we expand the accessibility of investment-grade metals to digital natives who may have previously been unfamiliar with or excluded from traditional precious metal coin collecting.

ACDC Labs’ commitment to privacy and consumer protection aligns with the growing demand for secure and transparent transactions within the Web3 ecosystem.

The collaboration between DeStore and ACDC Labs exemplifies the importance of businesses joining forces to grow together within the Web3 space. As the digital landscape evolves, it becomes crucial for companies to embrace innovative technologies, explore new markets, and leverage partnerships to maximize their potential. By combining our respective strengths, we create a synergy that benefits both businesses and paves the way for further advancements in digitizing assets and expanding the Web3 ecosystem.

About ACDC Labs

ACDC Labs (American Coin and Digital Currency) is the first digital minting company founded on top of a licensed and bonded precious metals firm. What began as a 1:1 digital/physical ‘proof of ownership’ solution for legacy collectors has established a new standard of privacy and sovereignty for the purchase, trade, fulfillment, and utility of precious metals in Web3.

Due to its more specialized inventory’s numismatic value and composition, ACDC Labs champions using the SCRT programmable privacy network and its V-IRL subsidiary for best consumer privacy practices on

“DeStore is a pillar and thought leader of the phygital asset movement. Our goal is to broaden the access of investment grade metals to digital natives, so we are delighted for our bullion collections to be featured in their marketplace.”

Mike Devine, Co-Founder ACDC Labs


ACDC Labs currently ships gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to the US and Canada.

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