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What is DAO Staking?

InvArch DAO Staking is a fork and extension of Astar dApp Staking on Astar Network. It allows $VARCH token holders to stake towards DAOs.

You can explore the InvArch DAO Staking platform by visiting their Website (note that you must have a Polkadot wallet connected).

While staking rewards are the same regardless of which DAO a user stakes toward, this community-driven mechanism funds DAOs on the InvArch Network based on each DAOs proportional share of staking support across the protocol.

What’s in it for the Stakers?

DeStore’s InvArch Network DAO Staking Proposal seeks to attract $VARCH stakeholders, offering Equity in the company via an initial stake pool offering (ISPO) and yielding to stakeholders via InvArch DAO Staking.

What is an Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO)?

An ISPO is a fundraising approach where projects distribute Equity to participants who stake a specific cryptocurrency in a designated pool. Instead of purchasing tokens outright, individuals stake their tokens to support the project. The amount of staked tokens determines the participant’s eligibility for the project’s Equity.

For instance, our ISPO rewards participants with our Equity while allocating tokens proportionally equal to their share in the company. Find more information about ISPO in our Medium article.

Our DeAR explorers Web3 through our ISPO

Staker benefits

  • DeStore is allocating 0.5% equity to those staking their $VARCH tokens with us for at least out of 6 months over Q2 and Q3 2024. The minimum allocation is 500 $VARCH.
  • DeStore will allocate 0.25% each quarter, and the number of tokens staked with us will be calculated as the average during the minimum period.
  • Allocation of 0.5% of DeStore Equity will be based on your contribution to the pool.
  • In addition, as DeStore issues a token in the future, shareholders will be issued tokens equal to their share in the company.
DeStore equity allocation

We encourage our communities to claim Equity as part of DeStore’s future.

When does DeStore’s ISPO begin?

All $VARCH holders are invited to participate in DeStore at any time! Our ISPO will start in Q2 2024 and run until the end of Q3 2024.

Equity Allocation Reporting

Upon completion of each term, DeStore will provide a report containing each stakeholder’s equity allocation. Equity distribution will commence upon completion of the second term.

How will the Equity be distributed?

The Equity Claim button will be made available on the DeStore Platform. Stakers can claim their Equity as Free Private Shares of DeStore’s Parent Company, MetaRock Ltd, registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI Company Number 2129177).

We aim to establish DeStore as a pioneer on Web3 and share our success with the InvArch Network community!

Thank you for considering staking with us!

About InvArch Network

The InvArch Network is an Omnichain Account abstraction hub optimized for decentralized operations & financial management spanning across every blockchain.

InvArch provides individuals, organizations, and DAOs with a single account that can be used to manage all of their assets and execute transactions across any network.